by Stephanie Newman Ph.D.

What are the hidden psychological motivations behind these compelling characters?

Stephanie Newman PhD

Mad Men on the Couch (St. Martin's Press/Thomas Dunne) explores the psychological aspects of the popular Emmy- award winning television program, and examines the psyches of its primary characters through the lens of modern psychology.

Why does Don constantly engage in self-sabotaging behaviors? Why is Betty such a cold mother and desperately unhappy housewife? Why does Pete prevail in adversity when Roger falters? Why is Peggy able to thrive in the male jungle of Madison Avenue?

In the book Dr. Stephanie Newman lends her professional opinion to these and other pressing fan questions and expertly expains the hidden dynamics and motivations that drive these compelling and complex men and women. Mad Men on the Couch is a must-have companion to the show for its dedicated fans.

Mad Men On the Couch can be purchased from Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and Amazon.

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Stephanie Newman PhD

Stephanie Newman, Ph.D. is the author of Mad Men on the Couch (St Martin's Press), the Amazon-ranked best selling book about the popular TV show. Dr. Newman is also a Co-editor of Money Talks (Routlege), a regular contributor to the on-line edition of Psychology Today, and the author of a chapter in an upcoming text book (HMH in press) on teenagers and technology. She has been a clinical psychologist/psychoanalyst for over 20 years, providing insight-oriented talk therapy for those with anxiety, depression, relationship, health, and workplace difficulties. Dr Newman is on the adjunct faculty at Columbia University Teachers College, affiliated with the School of Medicine, NYU, and teaches candidates in the Institute's analytic training program. She has presented her work at national conferences and is a frequent speaker at schools, camps, and parent associations.

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